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by HPT crew

About Hop Pop Town

Hop Pop Town is an experimental project that focuses on new technology and its potential for educational applications.
Many of the pages employ MIDI and shockwave files that can be loaded with Netscape navigator 2.x or 3.x with appropriate plug-in files.
  1. LiveAudio Plug-In
  2. Shockwave Plug-In
If you have not downloaded these products, please do so before exploring this site. The main objective of this project is to encourage children to improvise musical sequences, one of the vital factors for young children to enjoy music. We have developed a child-friendly interface that allows smooth navigtion for children and invites their confidence and further motivation.

Young children can enhance their imagination by combining sound with pictures. We have also introduced writing pages that take material from musical games and help children use multiple media to express themselves. These games do not require the shockwave plug-in file.

The target users of Hop Pop Town are aged from 3 to 10, but other age groups might also find it interesting as a simple but pleasant educational tool.

Hop Pop Town focuses on specific elements of learning music and presents game styles in three stage settings. See Welcome! and Help

    Key elements:
  1. recognizing differences in intervals and tone-quality
  2. remembering phrases
  3. improvising

Thank you for visiting Hop Pop Town.

We don't collect any information from our visitors at Hop Pop Town.
We respect your and your children's privacy and urge children to check for a privacy policy at any site that asks them for any information about themselves.
Please check Privacy Policy at Kids' Space.

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