Brian Kiteley

Professor of English

English Department, Sturm Hall, University of Denver, Denver, CO 80208 / 303-871-2898 /

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Classes 2012


I am on leave fall quarter 2011


Winter 2012--Advanced Seminar 2403:  Versions of Egypt 

Winter 2012--English 3017:  Travel Writing: Fact & Fiction (undergrad)

Spring 2012--English 4011:  William Carlos Williams and the great American novel (a graduate fiction workshop)


Once and future classes


English 4017: Travel Writing: Fact and Fiction (graduate)

English 2010:  Creative Writing: Fiction (undergrad)

English 4011:  Philosophy & Fiction (a previous graduate fiction workshop)
English 4650:  Metafiction, Abstract Expressionism, and Film Noir (graduate course)
English 4011:  Fiction & the List (a previous graduate fiction workshop)

English 3012:  Advanced Fiction Workshop (undergrad)
English 2845:  Politics & Literature: History & Fiction (undergrad)
English 2707:  Oil, the Devil, and Faith (Contemporary International Literature) (undergrad)
Politics & Literature:  Literature & Imperialism (undergrad)

Possible classes


1925: A Year in Literature and History

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