Brian Kiteley

Fiction  Samples

A video link to a reading I gave from the Crete novel (at 30:37)

A chapter from my Crete novel

An audio recording of a reading I gave

A very short story in JMWW

A very short story in Esquire's Napkin Project

A short story in Tarpaulin Sky

An excerpt of The River Gods in
An excerpt of The River Gods in Segue
An excerpt of The River Gods in Double Room
A sample of The River Gods
A sample of Still Life With Insects
Opening of Songs..., in The Washington Post


Non-fiction Samples


Some introductions I've written over the years for visiting writers

Here's a tiny essay I wrote about Donald Barthelme (scroll up a bit)

An interview with Ben Pfeiffer

Q & A about The River Gods 

Q & A about Still Life with Insects

An interview in Tarpaulin Sky

On Grace Paley

On Donald Barthelme

An essay on The River Gods in Segue

On Amitav Ghosh's In An Antique Land

A paper on writing historical fiction

On Su Friedrich, filmmaker

On Sarah McCoubrey, painter

An interview in The Bloomsbury Review


Conversations about My Books and Interviews with Me


A retrospective Steve Himmer did of my novels for Necessary Fiction

Alan Cheuse and Rick Kleffel talking in part about The River Gods (at the halfway mark)

An interview Matthew Kirkpatrick did with me for FC2

An interview on WFCR, the Amherst, Massachusetts public radio station

An interview for the radio show Writer’s Voice

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