Item Selection Tool for Colorado Selective Depository Libraries

Allows for comparison between nine selective depository libraries.

This data was downloaded on July 18, 2008.

Covers: Auraria Library; Colorado College; Colorado State University; Colorado State University Pueble; University of Denver Penrose; University of Denver Law; Jefferson County Public Library; Colorado School of Mines; Regis University; University of Northern Colorado; and Mesa State College.

Format for tables:


Item numbers execute searches in MOCAT.

0000s (291K) 0100s (673K) 0200s (233K) 0300s (397K)
0400s (707K) 0500s (536K) 0600s (515K) 0700s (369K)
0800s (281K) 0900s (437K) 1000s (268K) 1100s (8K)

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