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Christina Walecka is a Journalism and Communications student at the University of Denver.

Christina Walecka
Christina Walecka.

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Selected Works

I've been covering local and regional news through Storify for a class at the University of Denver's Media Film Journalism Studies.

  • For my first Storify, I was on a campus-wide scavenger hunt called #DUStories
  • For my second Storify, I looked into whether being a college athlete is worth it. Are college athletes getting the same education as students who not play a college sport. I interviewed college athletes as well as people who work in the athletics department at the University of Denver.
  • For my third Storify, I discussed how to navigate Denver Restraunt Week 2015 on a student budget. Every restaurant that agrees to participate in restaurant week creates a menu where the customer can choose between two to three different appetizers, entrees, and desserts per course. Regardless of the restaurant, or what you choose off of the menu the meal remains $30, creating the perfect opportunity to try new restaurants and foods while sticking to a budget.