Take That Back To Pharaoh

Chapter 162 (part 2 of 3). Apries sends his most trusted advisor, Patarbemis, to recall Amasis before any more damage is done. Patarbemis is supposed to command respect and obedience. Amasis gives him something to take back to Apries, and says he will follow soon enough, and bring others with him.


[Vocabulary] Hearing of this, Apries sent to Amasis an esteemed man of the Egyptians, of his court, whose name was Pataremis, commanding him to bring Amasis back alive. On arriving, Patarbemis summoned Amasis. It happened that Amasis was seated on his horse. He lifted himself up and broke wind, and told him to take that back to Apries. All the same, Patarbemis thought fit that he honor the king's summons, and go to him. Amasis answered him that he was preparing to do just that, so Apries should not reproach him; for he will be present, and leading others besides.

Return to Pharaoh

Composed by J. B. Calvert
Last revised 19 July 1999