Radio Burrito

The easiest and quickest hot lunch is a smothered burrito. It scarcely needs a recipe, but this is now I do it. Start with a large flour tortilla on a microwave-compatible plate. Place a line of several large spoonfuls of frijoles refritos on the tortilla, then some strips of Velveeta Mexican process cheese. Fold the edge of the tortilla closest to you up, shaping the contents. Fold in the ends, and finally roll the burrito into a tube. Spoon on some green chile salsa with pork. Put in the microwave and give it two minutes. It will come out ready to eat.

You can, of course, put any filling in, perhaps using spiced taco meat instead of or in addition to the cheese, or some hot sauce. Very good vegetarian chile salsa is also available, with tomatoes. Both the frijoles and the salsa can come from cans. You'll get at least three burritos per can of each. Spoonfuls of sour cream can be added to the top of the hot burrito.

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Composed by J. B. Calvert
Created 31 July 2004
Last revised