Hunter's Chicken

A casserole stew of chicken and vegetables, with Italian spices

This recipe is adapted from one for Chicken Cacciatore in Penzey's Fall 2002 Catalog, page 31. It worked out so well that I decided to include this slightly modified recipe here. This recipe, a one-dish meal, serves two amply.

Peel and cut into large chunks two potatoes, three carrots, and one onion. Arrange in the bottom of a large casserole with a cover. Remove the skin from four fresh chicken thighs, and place the chicken on top of the vegetables. Mix one 14.5-oz. can of Italian style sliced stewed tomatoes, one 8-oz. can of Hunt's tomato sauce with garlic, a generous half-teaspoon each of oregano and basil, freshly-ground pepper, and salt to taste. If the tomatoes are unseasoned, add extra oregano, basil and garlic. Pour the mixture on top of the chicken, cover, and bake at 375°F for 90 minutes. There is no need to look at it or do anything--just forget it until it is time to take it out. The vegetables will not be overcooked, but the meat will practically fall from the bone, when the dish is done.

This is not only very tasty, but very cheap and nutritious, and low in fat. The chicken thighs are ideal for this recipe, and much less costly than the dry, tough chicken breasts which many people strangely prefer. Penzey's recommends pasta and bread as accompaniments. It leaves you feeling full, warm and satisfied.

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Composed by J. B. Calvert
Created 27 August 2002
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