Chocolate Grahams

An old-fashioned treat

This is such a simple thing that it hardly needs a recipe, but some people may be interested. Chocolate-covered graham crackers are widely available, coated with thick, bad chocolate, if you want them. They are designed on the principle that if anything is good, more of it is better, and have just too much frosting for my taste. You can get any chocolate frosting, either ready to use, from a mix, or homemade, and coat graham crackers with it. However, there is a simple and very cheap way to prepare chocolate graham crackers that is very old and homey.

For one person, take a tablespoon of cocoa and mix it with about two tablespoons of powdered sugar. Then add a little water, and a quarter teaspoon of vanilla. Mix until smooth and shiny. If it is too thin, add small amounts of powdered sugar until it looks right for spreading. This mixture, although viscous, will still be a liquid and will slowly spread and settle, so fix the grahams just before you eat them. There is no hurry, it's just that an overnight stand may result in a mess.

In England, the Digestive biscuit is an excellent equivalent to the graham cracker, but is more substantial and contains whole wheat, so it is probably better for you as well. McVitie's digestives are sold by Vermont Country Store at a substantial advance over their British price, but are quite pleasant, especially with good Cheddar cheese. In England, they are available topped with just the correct amount of milk or dark chocolate at a modest price. It is a wonder that they are not more popular in the United States. You can make your own chocolate digestives with the spread described above, and the result is quite delicious.

This is a quick and cheap dessert that can be made from what you have in the cupboard.

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Composed by J. B. Calvert
Created 2 October 2002
Last revised 5 November 2002