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[Sunset at Wheatland, Wyo.]

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Web Authoring Notes


Here are some modest recipes that may be useful to people living alone and to students. They are generally for one person, but can be multiplied. They are mostly for simple dinner or supper main courses, but the list is being varied and is becoming more rounded, with desserts and vegetables. All have been prepared more than once, most repeatedly, so they are practical. You really should have something like The Fannie Farmer Cookbook (New York: A. A. Knopf, 1996 and many earlier editions) for general information and advice. Amounts are not given for things for which it does not matter much, and as few dishes and utensils are used as possible. I apologize that the recipes are not very vegetarian, but I am not a good vegetarian cook, though I eat a lot of vegetarian, if dairy products and eggs are permitted. Cooking for yourself is not only lots cheaper than restaurants, but is much more healthful and varied. Buy the best quality and delicacy that you can afford.

American and traditional British recipes are by volume, not weight. A tablespoon (tbsp) is 15 ml, but actual measurement of tablespoons with surface tension acting gave about 17 ml. A teaspoon (tsp) is 5 ml, and a cup is 230 ml. An ounce (oz) is a bit less than 29 ml. A US pint (16 oz) is 460 ml, a UK pint (20 oz) is 575 ml, about half a litre. Water weighs about 1 g/ml, and food is mainly water. A pound is 454 g, about half a kilo, which is close enough. These equivalents are all by actual experiment; official values may differ.

The recipes on the BBCi website are well worth looking at, by the way. Go to the BBC by the link on this page, then click on Food under Lifestyle in the BBCi Directory.

An excellent source of useful recipes is Fastrecipes.

Student Recipes: Tips for Cooking One-Person Meals

Joyce Gilbert suggests the site BOTW Cooking.

Another useful resource is Cooks.com

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The photograph at the top is of the sunset over the Laramie Mountains west of Wheatland, Wyoming.