Sweet-and-Sour Pork Cutlet

This turned out much better than expected, so I'll share it with you

I can find inexpensive tenderized pork cutlets at my supermarket, quite lean and attractive. These can, of course, be breaded and fried as usual, but if your taste buds have rotted or been shot off, you may want a more piquant flavor. This dish is good served with steamed rice, and perhaps a Waldorf salad with its tartness. The recipe is for one serving, and can be multiplied as desired.

Put the cutlet in a bowl, and just cover with soy sauce. Turn frequently and marinate for a hour. Then fry it in some oil, on both sides, with medium heat. Cut a small onion and half a green pepper in strips, and fry them with the cutlet, until the cutlet is brown and the onion and pepper are limp and well cooked. Cut two pineapple rings into eight pieces each, and put in the frying pan with some pineapple-coconut drink and juice from the can. Add a tablespoon or more of white vinegar and granulated sugar. Brown sugar might give an interesting accent. Stir now and then, cooking until the liquid is reduced and somewhat thick. I find no reason to add cornstarch, but you can if you prefer it glutinous. Cook for at least a half-hour, so the cutlet is braised sufficiently.

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Composed by J. B. Calvert
Created 30 May 2002
Last revised