Toast and Eggs

A cheap and satisfying supper

This isn't a recipe, but rather a celebration of a simple, inexpensive supper menu that was served at a diner at the west end of Main Street in Bozeman, Montana in the 1950's, and was especially popular after the bars had closed after midnight. The cooking involved is very easy, and is explained elsewhere (see Fry Up in this series).

Toast and Eggs consisted of fried potato shreds and two fried eggs, with two rounds of buttered toast on the side, and some simple jam like apple or grape in the typical individual packages. As much coffee as you wanted accompanied the meal. It was obviously very easy to cook on the typical diner's griddle, and was always fresh and hot. Everything is still available for making this supper at home. It is probably better to cook the eggs in a separate skillet from the potatoes, so the heat can be better controlled. A little butter is used for the fat.

As in similar cases, Toast and Eggs can be fortified with meat, such as bacon, sausages or ham, and is good with a large glass of orange juice. It can, therefore, be the basis for any of the daily meals, but is probably most satisfying either as breakfast or as a late supper.

This meal, with coffee, cost $0.50 at the time, so two could eat for a single silver dollar. When made at home today, the cost is not much higher, since eggs are a bargain and potatoes are cheap.

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Composed by J. B. Calvert
Created 9 July 2002
Last revised