Pan-fried Trout

Ready to eat in fifteen minutes

Choose a fresh cleaned trout of moderate size. It is not necessary to have the fish filleted--the bones are easily separated in the cooked fish. The fish should fit in a large frying pan. The head and tail can lean on the sides of the pan. Rinse the fish in cold water and dry with a paper towel. Then coat both sides with flour--enough will adhere. This prevents the fish skin from sticking to the pan. Put a little oil in the pan and heat until quite hot. Put the fish in the pan and cook about 5 minutes on one side and 5 minutes on the other, the fish sizzling. The meat should separate easily when properly cooked. After eating one side, the backbone can be removed by simply pulling it up with the tail and taking the head with it, leaving the other side ready. Lemon juice and salt are pleasant condiments.

Saffron rice is an excellent accompaniment. For one serving, use 1/3 cup long grain rice, a little butter, salt, a chicken bouillon cube, saffron and 2/3 cup water. Put the rice in the saucepan with the butter and fry lightly for a few minutes. This helps to keep the rice grains separate. Add the other ingredients and simmer for 25-30 minutes on low heat until all the water is absorbed.

Despite the frying in oil, the fish you eat is actually free of direct contact with the oil and so quite healthy.

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Composed by J. B. Calvert
Created 24 February 2010
Last revised