Veal Marsala

This is a very simple and basic recipe for Veal Marsala. The sauce can also be used over chicken. Be sure to use sweet Marsala and to reduce it enough to give a strong flavour.

Pound flat one or two veal scallopini for each person, and fry in a little oil in a skillet until cooked. Remove scallopini and put on a hot plate in the oven. Put a tbs minced garlic and several tbs of chopped Italian parsley (use scissors to cut it up rather coarsely) in the frying pan and fry lightly, adding about a cup of sweet Marsala for two scallopini, and 1-2 tbs of lemon juice. Reduce by at least 50%, or even more, leaving enough to cover the scallopini well. Spoon sauce on the scallopini and serve.

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Composed by J. B. Calvert
Created 2 August 2009
Last revised