Waldorf Salad

Fresh Waldorfs are not required

This is a basic Waldorf salad--very easy to make, delicious and healthful. The most important ingredient is the apple, which should be tart and crisp. I like New Zealand Granny Smiths (green) and Braeburns (red). Washington apples have gone soft and tasteless in recent years, and should be used only if nothing else is available. Cut the apples into quarters, core, and dice. Take a stalk of celery and cut it into quarters longitudinally, then chop into small dice and add to the apple. Chop walnuts into small pieces and add. The relative amounts are up to you, and do not make a lot of difference. Each spoonful should contain some of each. Now add enough mayonnaise to moisten all the ingredients, and the salad is ready. Some lemon juice may be added with the apples to keep them from oxidizing.

There are many extra additions, such as raisins or small marshmallows, but these are not necessary and may be considered deleterious by some. There are also recipes that are more trouble, but Waldorf salad is essentially very simple. It is especially good in the summer.

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Composed by J. B. Calvert
Created 12 July 2002
Last revised