This page is respectfully dedicated to the best teachers I have ever known: Eugene Wigner, Charles Kittel, Roy Glauber and Hermann von Helmholtz

This area is arranged according to the headings in the list below. Please select the link to your area of interest to see the articles under that heading. Physics is also found in the Optics and Mathematical Physics areas.


  1. Electricity and Magnetism, including charged particles, discharges, plasmas, and electrochemistry.
  2. Mechanics and Thermodynamics
  3. Quantum Physics, including group theory.
  4. Chemistry and Materials, including pyrotechnics and war gases
  5. Miscellaneous, biology and websites for example.

Electricity and Magnetism

Mechanics and Thermodynamics

Quantum Physics


There is a wealth of periodic tables on the internet, all with pretty much the same information, but with little interpretation. Three examples are given below.

Periodic Table

Webelements is a good site, but the spelling is sometimes bad. The lanthanides are shown beginning with La and ending with Yb, which is confusing. There are pictures of the elements. A good periodic table that you can print out (.pdf file) is included.

Tabla Periódica, is excellent, even though it does use a textured background. It is also in Spanish.

The articles in this section contain a good deal of physics, by the way!


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The rainbow from I-76 in Northeastern Colorado. Note supernumerary bows, dark space, and just-perceptible secondary bow.