A Question of Electromagnetic Induction

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At the left we see a bar magnet to which a copper disc has been cemented at the North pole. Sliding contacts have been provided at the axis, and at the rim of the copper disk. The magnet is rotated at constant speed in one direction or the other. Faraday performed this experiment in 1831-2 in his experiments on electromagnetic induction. The question is, did he observe a voltage V, or did he not?

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This is just one of a great many questions that tax one's understanding of electromagnetic induction. Electrical engineering professors used to enjoy thinking them up, and watching their students squirm. Rotating magnets and sliding contacts always provided entertainment. Many professors came up with the wrong answers, however!

Thomas Martin's Faraday's Discovery of Electro-Magnetic Induction (London: Edward Arnold & Co., 1949) is a good short account of Faraday's early experiments, including this one.

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Created 2 May 2000
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