The Transporter Bridge At Newport, South Wales

The bridge shown in these photographs is a solution to the problem of crossing a navigable river, in this case the estuary of the River Usk, where the land on both sides is low, without requiring a long elevated approach to the bridge. There must, of course, be no permanent structure lower than the height of the ships using the channel. This type of bridge is an alternative to a lift or swing bridge, and is quite rare. The highway carried by the bridge is the B4237, and the bridge is a few miles south of the centre of Newport. The bridge consists of a high suspension span supporting the movable carriage, which is shown at the eastern end of the bridge, near the elevated control cabin, and the ferry structure, which is suspended from the carriage by cables. Electricity is supplied by a cable descending to the ferry structure. The ferry is shown docked, with an attendant unlocking the gates to allow traffic to proceed. The photographs were taken in August, 1972.

The Friends of the Newport Transporter Bridge can be reached at FONTB.

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