Jeff Honke- University of Denver

Masters Candidate- Geography Department

This is the drill rig at Ziegler Reservoir, Snowmass Village, Colorado. I really do dig Snowmass.

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

About Me

I am currently a Masters Candidate at the University of Denver. I am also a part time geologist for the US Geological Survey. My thesis project is the sedimentology of the Ziegler Reservoir in Snowmass, Colorado. In particular I am interested in the organic rich silts that accumulated in the basin, and the possible origin of these sediments. My hypothesis suggests that these sediments were primarily wind transported and thus may hold a record of past climates and depositional regimes. Of course this is just the dust that has settled in the fantastic ice age window that has been uncovered… the dust beneath the hooves of bison, camels and mastodons in the subalpine of central Colorado.