Penrose Newsletter to NSME Faculty
February 2001

The library is happy to report that we are now able to subscribe to a significant number of new journal titles. There were several factors that went into the decision for some new subscriptions. We looked at recommendations from faculty, Interlibrary Loan statistics, Science Citation Index figures, core journals lists, along with several other factors. (Note, some of these are still on order we may not have yet received the first issues of the year.) They are:

Archaeoastronomy E59.A8 A68
Biotropica Will receive issues soon - (for older volumes)
Computational Geometry : theory and applications. QA448.D38 C6 -
Ecosystems Will receive issues soon.
Endocrine Reviews QP187.A1 E515
Functional Ecology Will receive issues soon.
GPS Solutions G109.5 .G68
Journal of Composites Technology & Research Will receive issues soon.
Journal of the AMS QA1 .J9763 - &
Journal of Tropical Ecology Will receive issues soon.
Nature Reviews - Genetics QH431.A1 N38
Nature Reviews - Molecular Cell Biology QH573 .N37
Nature Reviews - Neuroscience QP351 .N38
Nature Structural Biology QH506 .N4
New Astronomy Will receive issues soon.
Plant, Cell and Environment Will receive issues soon.
Water, Air and Soil Pollution TD172 .W36
* If a call number is given, we have started receiving new issues in the Current Periodicals room.

Chemistry Subscription Changes

The Chemistry & Biochemistry Department also decided to make a significant change in their access to the chemical literature. Penrose will no longer get Chemical Abstracts in Print in order to add greatly to the journal holdings, and to provide 24 hour access to over 30 years of Chemical Abstracts through software called SciFinder Scholar ( The software is loaded on four terminals in the Penrose Library.

Here is the list of new chemistry titles that we will be receiving in print:

Chemsitry and Biology
Current opinion in chemical biology
Trends in biochemical science
Journal of inorganic biochemistry
Proteins : structure and function
Journal of biomolecular NMR
Structure : with folding and design
JBIC : journal of biological inorganic chemistry

The University now has much greater electronic access to most of the American Chemical Society journal titles (Many of them are listed at: These are the new ACS journal titles for the library:

Bioconjugate Chemistry
Biotechnology Progress
Chemical Innovation/CHEMTECH
Chemical Research in Toxicology
Crystal Growth & Design
Energy & Fuels
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data
Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences
Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry
Organic Letters
Organic Process Research & Development

New Reference Materials

We started getting the Compendex database through the Engineering Village. ( The Compendex database is from 1970-Present. It is the most comprehensive bibliographic database of engineering research literature, containing references to over 5000 engineering journals and conferences.

Forthcoming: Penrose will be getting the INSPEC database (Information about the database is available at: 1989-Present). This is the comprehensive index to the literature of physics, electrical & electronic engineering, computing, control engineering and information technology. It also has significant coverage in areas such as atmospheric science, materials science, oceanography, nuclear engineering, geophysics, biomedical engineering and biophysics. Over 3500 scientific and technical journals and some 1500 conference proceedings, as well as numerous books, reports and dissertations are indexed. We will be loading the CD-ROM's onto Workstation #10. Because of cost constraints, we could not afford site-wide access.

In order to afford some of these purchases, we cancelled a small number of serial titles.

Serials that we no longer get Note
Journal of Cellular Physiology Vendor typo we did not want to subscribe last year.
Solar Physics Too expensive for its use.
Science Abstracts. Series A, Physics Abstracts (a print section of INSPEC) Money used to get INSPEC.
Science Abstracts. Series C, Computer and Control Abstracts (a print section of INSPEC) Money used to get INSPEC.
Journal of Communications Technology and Electronics Money used to get INSPEC.
International Journal of Engineering Science To get Compendex/ Engineering Village.
Engineering Index in Print To get Compendex/ Engineering Village.

Other Things to Note

The Regis University and Denver Public Library catalogs have recently been added to the Prospector - Colorado Unified Catalog database ( This included the catalogs of CU-Boulder, CU-health Sciences Center, CSU, and many more. Through Prospector you have access to over 13 million books and other materials held in 16 academic and public libraries. With a single search you can identify and borrow materials from the collections and have them delivered to Penrose. Periodicals are not yet available for loan.

The Electric Library and Northern Light Special Collection titles will be going away. One can still use Northern Light as a general web search engine (, but the library will not be paying the $2.65/article average in their "special collection" section, since most of the periodical titles are available in other library databases.

Other databases that might be of interest:

The Physical Review Online Archive (PROLA) - - This included the full text of all of the American Physical Society journal titles from 1980-Present.

The Emerald Database - Full-text articles from MCB Press on a wide range of topics including business, education, engineering, library science, quality management and operations. For example, here is a list of their engineering journal titles.

Environmental Knowledgebase - - This is the online version of the Environmental Periodicals Bibliography, produced and published by the International Academy at Santa Barbara. Over 630,000 records, 1974-Present.

Spin Web from the AIP - - Direct links to abstracts for over 80 major physics and astronomy journals. One can also access the full text of many of these journals since DU has many of their print counterparts.

Penrose New books List - - Coverage: This list includes books cataloged within a particular month which were purchased through the library's budget. It does not include gift materials or retrospective cataloging. The complete catalog (Peak) should be searched to check on the status of particular items. These are large files, so it might take a little while to load.

The webpage for this Newsletter is at:

Let me know if you have any questions concerning these or other services that the library provides.


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