Penrose Newsletter to NSM
& SECS Faculty -- March 2004

The Penrose Library has quite a number of things that we would like to announce to the Science and Engineering faculty here at DU.

Web of Science

The University recently started a subscription to the Thomson/ISI "Web of Science".  We will have access to source content from 1996-Present of the Science Citation Index Expanded (It fully indexes 5,900 major journals across 150 scientific disciplines.  The Science Citation Index Expanded includes all cited references captured from indexed articles. Averages 19,000 new records per week. Includes approximately 423,000 new cited references per week.) and the Social Sciences Citation Index, a multidisciplinary index to the journal literature of the social sciences.  Has over 8,700,000 records.


This is the leading bibliographic information database covering the fields of physics, electronics, computing, control engineering and information technology with more than seven million records taken from 3,500 technical and scientific journals and 1,500 conference proceedings.


Provides information about geographic and some geologic journal articles, books, chapters, conference proceedings, and reports. Includes over 1 Million records with abstracts. Some subjects include: cartography, climatology, environment, geochemistry, geomorphology, geophysics, hydrology, meteorology, petrology, photogrammetry, sedimentology and volcanology. Over 2,000 sources are covered.

ACM Guide to Computing Literature

This database cites journal articles, books, chapters, proceedings, doctoral theses, and technical reports in computer science. Subject content is comprehensive for hardware and software aspects of computers and computing. Bibliographic information is given for each item, including book reviews for selected monographs. Contains more than 750,000 citations from over 3,000 publishers, including the ACM and the IEEE.

Annals of the NYAS

We finally reinstated our subscription to the Annals.  They contains the full content of each volume in the series, including all figures and tables. In addition, the full text is searchable by keyword, and the cited references include hyperlinks to Medline and to the full text of many other online journals.  Access to full text and PDF downloads of Annals articles is available for articles published from 1998-present.

JSTOR Ecology & Botany Collection

We now subscribe to the Ecology & Botany Collection. This contains 29 journal titles in two important fields within the life sciences. Founded with the assistance of the Ecological Society of America, it contains this society's premier research journals alongside a range of titles broadly focused on ecosystems.

Recent Articles on the Science Journal Publishing Business

Charles P. Casey, "Challenges for Chemists, Chemistry, and ACS," Chemical and Engineering News 82(1), January 5, 2004, p. 2-5 (

... "Combined challenges of soaring library costs and "open access" to literature. There are two trends in scientific publishing that are coming together to create problems that should concern chemists and ACS. Because chemists play a crucial role in producing these research publications, they can have an enormous influence on the future of scientific publications--if they assert themselves.  One trend is the very high and rapidly increasing prices of commercial science journals that are threatening the ability of university and industry libraries to maintain their access to the scientific literature."

Christopher A. Reed, "Just Say No to Exploitative Publishers of Science Journals," Chronicle of Higher Education, Section: The Chronicle Review, Volume 50, Issue 24, Page B16

It used to be publish or perish. Now it is publish and perish. Academic science and medicine are drowning in a sea of publications. They have developed a journal-publishing culture that threatens to engulf them. Library budgets can't keep up. The peer-review system is overloaded. Researchers feel overwhelmed.  Biologists at the University of California at San Francisco have called for a boycott of several popular Cell journals in response to overpricing by the British-Dutch conglomerate Reed Elsevier. Cornell University is canceling more than 150 Elsevier journals and refused to accept a bundled deal....

"Open Access Rumblings," Outsell's e-briefs, February 13, 2003 (

Ray Delgado, "Faculty Senate approves measure targeting for-profit journal publishers,"  Stanford University News Service, February 24, 2004 (

The Faculty Senate endorsed the latest attempt by the university's library system to take a stand against for-profit journal publishers that it says engage in exorbitant pricing practices.  The senate last week approved a motion on a divided voice vote that encourages libraries to cancel some costly journal subscriptions and faculty to withhold articles and reviews from publishers who engage in questionable pricing practices. The motion singled out publishing giant Elsevier as deserving special attention.

Lance Fortnow, "Journal of Algorithms Editorial Board Bolts to New ACM Journal," Computational Complexity Web Log, February 12, 2004. (

Michael Nielsen has a post linking to a post linking to a post noting that the editorial board of the Journal of Algorithms (published by Elsevier) resigned en masse to start a new journal Transactions on Algorithms to be published by ACM....  This move is not without precedent. For example the board of the journal Machine Learning (published by Kluwer) resigned en masse a few years ago to start the online Journal of Machine Learning Research. If publishers like Kluwer and Elsevier continue with their current pricing policies we will continue to see defections.

Margaret Landsman, "Price Increases Are Not the Problem," The Charleston Advisor 5(3), January 2004 (

"It is troubling that so much of the discussion about scholarly communication focuses on journal price increases. A listening bystander might suppose that if prices stopped rising, libraries would have no further worries and could afford the collections users need. But we know that the issue is not merely what we used to call "inflation" and now more accurately label "price increases." It's not just about the price increases--it's about the price."

Some New Reference Books

The following is a smattering of recent reference works that we have received.

Reference Call Number
Title & Publisher
G103.5 .K87 2003  Geo-data : the world geographical encyclopedia / John F. McCoy, project editor, Farmington Hills, MI : Gale Group, c2003, 3rd ed.
GB655 .N38 2003  Encyclopedia of water / David E. Newton, Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 2003.
Q141 .A47 American men & women of science, New York : R.R. Bowker, ed.21st (2003)
QA5 .D49835 2003  Dictionary of applied math for engineers and scientists / edited by Emma Previato, Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, c2003,
QA5 .W45 2003  CRC concise encyclopedia of mathematics / Eric W. Weisstein, Boca Raton : Chapman & Hall/CRC, c2003, 2nd ed.
QC61 .P49 2003  AIP Physics desk reference, New York : Springer, c2003. Edition 3rd ed. / E. Richard Cohen, David Lide, George L. Trigg, editors.
QC174.17.S9 C65 2004  Concise encyclopedia of supersymmetry : and noncummatative structures in mathematics and physics / edited by Steven Duplij ... [et al.], Dordrecht : London : Kluwer Academic, 2004.
QC854 .A48 2003  V.1-6 Encyclopedia of atmospheric sciences / editor-in-chief, James R. Holton ; editors, Judith A. Curry and John A. Pyle, Amsterdam : Boston : Academic, c2003.
QD155.5 P37 2003  Handbook of inorganic chemicals / Pradyot Patnaik, New York : McGraw-Hill, c2003.
QH447 .E53 2003  V.1-5 Nature encyclopedia of the human genome / editor-in-chief, David N. Cooper,  London ; New York : Nature Pub. Group, 2003.
QL7 .G79 2003  Grzimek's animal life encyclopedia, Detroit : Gale/Thomson, c2003-, 2nd ed. (We will have 17 total volumes)
QL462.3 .E485 2003  Encyclopedia of insects / editors, Vincent H. Resh, Ring T. Cardé, San Diego : Academic Press, c2003.

QP376 .E586 2002  V.1-4

Encyclopedia of the human brain / editor-in-chief, V.S. Ramachandran, San Diego, Calif. : Academic Press, c2002.
QP571 .E5 2003  V.1-3 Encyclopedia of hormones / editors-in-chief, Helen L. Henry, Anthony W. Norman, Amsterdam ; Boston : Academic Press, c2003.
R726.5 .E53 2004  V.1-2 Encyclopedia of health and behavior / Norman B. Anderson, Thousand Oaks, CA : Sage Pub., c2004.
RC334 .E52 2003  V.1-4 Encyclopedia of the neurological sciences / editors, Michael J. Aminoff, Robert B. Daroff, Amsterdam ; Boston : Academic Press, c2003.
T55.3.H3 P647 2003  Wiley guide to chemical incompatibilities, Hoboken, N.J. : J. Wiley, c2003. Edition 2nd ed. / Richard P. Pohanish, Stanley A. Greene.

TK145 .E36 2003 

Electrical engineer's reference book, Oxford [England] ; Boston, MA : Newnes, 2003. 16th ed. / [edited by] M.A. Laughton, D.J. [i.e. D.F.] Warne.
TP9 .K54 2004  V.1-2 Kirk-Othmer encyclopedia of chemical technology / executive editor, Jacqueine I. Kroschwitz, Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley-Interscience, c2004-, 5th ed. (More volumes will follow.)

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