What is the equipment like?

we have been using the GSSI Subsurface Interface Radar (SIR) systems almost all the time.  They make a very sturdy system that can be dropped, run over and abused in the field, and little goes wrong.  We used to use the SIR-10 system, which I still like the best, but it is expensive and difficult to carry on and off planes and around in the field.  Now I use both the SIR-2000, which is very compact, but not as versatile as the SIR-10 and I just purchased the SIR-3000.  The 3000 is very compact, as this picture below shows.  I can put it on a back-pack and use it as the "one man band" method, or on the "baby jogger" survey cart.  The "one man band" method is shown below, with the 400 MHz antenna and survey wheel, at an Inca site in Ecuador: