Research conducted by the University of Denver, Department of Anthropology under the direction of Dr. Lawrence B. Conyers


This website is about using Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) in archaeology. Within it you will find two main sections: One is geared toward understanding the GPR method in a general sense. This section can be navigated using the buttons to the left. The second section is about the SERDP research project which used GPR mapping for the detection and interpretation of cultural materials. You can reach this section by clicking on the button on the right called "The SERDP GPR Project."

Within this website you will also find downloads and links to other articles and websites for additional information. This site also has information that will appear in pop-up windows. To enable these features, turn off your pop-up blocker for this site.

GPR Processing software developed as part of this project is also included as well as a reflection profile dataset that you can work with.

Funded by Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program

GPR data being collected in a rock shelter,

looking out at the canyonlands of Utah.




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