ICT-4540 Homework Final Project


This assignment is to summarize everything that we have addressed in the XML Applications course, and provide a mechanism to demonstrate your knowledge in a pragmatic way. To that end, students may discuss techniques or share ideas with other students, but every submission must be, in entirety, the student's own work.

What to Hand In

Your submission may be in hardcopy format, but should also be submitted in a “zip” file or similar archive. All files related to the final project should be included in this zip. The student is responsible for ensuring the completeness of the submission.


  1. Create an XML-based Rich Website (at least a page or two of it!)
    1. The site must have two  or more collections of data that are displayed. The data displayed must be stored in XML format
    2. The site must use a stylesheet to style the elements of the site
    3. The site must feature one page which uses a computational stylesheet to display statistics related to at least one of the collections of data.
    4. All stylesheets must be external to the document
    5. No use of formatting tags (e.g., <B> or <FONT>) within XHTML are allowed. All formatting must be by CSS or XSL
    6. You may use any of the tutorials as a basis for your web site.
    7. Your website must be properly viewable from Internet Explorer and Firefox.



Demonstration of basic XHTML syntax15
Demonstration of use of XML schema20
Demonstration of use of CSS20
Demonstration of use of XSL transformation15
Presentation of content10
Compatibility with IE and Firefox browsers10
Richness of data and data display10