ICT-4540 Homework 3a


This exercise provides the opportunity to explore Document Type Definitions (DTD)

What to Hand In

Hand in an updated USPresidents.xml document, with a president.dtd DTD, with DOCTYPE provided.
Also, hand in a screenshot confirming that each of your document was successfully validated.


  1. Validating the Presidents with a DTD
    1. Create the file president.dtd and create the elements (and attributes, if any) to represent the content of the file.
      Your DTD should represent both the content types, order, and required or optional nature of the elements and attributes.
      Make your DTD as prescriptive as possible (i.e., enforce a correct order and presence of the elements and attributes).
    2. Add the DOCTYPE declaration to the XML file to associate the DTD with the XML document.
    3. Validate the document against the schema, saving a screenshot of your successful result.



Criteria Weight
Creation of president.dtd DTD which represents the USPresidents.xml data 60%
Updated USPresidents.xml file which associates DOCTYPE president.dtd 30%
Evidence of successful validation of the XML file with the DTD 10%