ICT-4570 Homework 1


Set up a basic JavaScript development environment, and show that it works.

What to Hand In

Please hand in evidence that you have successfully completed the 4 parts below.
Your submission must be made to the canvas assignment folder, as a single archive (e.g., zip). If you have any questions about what kinds of archives are acceptable, please see the instructor.

Canvas submission instructions:
Please combine multiple files into a single "zip" archive, and save it in a location that you will remember. When you are ready to submit the assignment solution, open the assignment in Canvas, and click on the Submit for Evaluation button at the top, attach the file, and click Submit for Evaluation at the bottom.
It is your responsibility to ensure your assignment is submitted on time with the correct content.


  1. Install an interactive development environment (IDE) of your choice.
    1. Provide a one-sentence explanation of why you selected that IDE
  2. Use our standard HTML5 template (see notes), and add 3 lines of JavaScript in the indicated area to add your name, the date (at the moment you loaded the page), and make one console log statement
    1. Provide a screenshot of your browser displaying the page you've now built
    2. Provide a screenshot of your browser with the developer console showing. It should be displaying the message you logged.



Criteria Weight
One sentence on IDE selection 15
HTML5 file with comments and 3 lines of JavaScript 45
Screenshot of resulting browser page 20
Screenshot of developer console with console message 20