ICT-4570 Homework 7


This exercise allows you to use JavaScript to interact with local storage.

What to Hand In

Canvas submission instructions:
Please combine multiple files into a single "zip" archive, and save it in a location that you will remember. When you are ready to submit the assignment solution, open the assignment in Canvas, and click on the Submit for Evaluation button at the top, attach the file, and click Submit for Evaluation at the bottom.


  1. Revisit Assignment 4 (gradebook form) and integrate LocalStorage to persist results.
    Upon computing the average(s), store the current values.
    Upon initializing the form, retrieve the stored values, populate the form, and ensure the averages are computed.



Criteria Weight
HTML form and styling 10%
Score and average computation 10%
Retrieving previous scores upon page load 30%
Storing current values upon evaluation 30%
Screenshot(s) showing initial load 10%
Screenshot(s) showing reload 10%