Homework Assignment 1


This homework assignment is to get geared up for the Introduction to C++ course in a lighthearted way.

You will think about algorithms and the tools you will use for the course.

You will also get a chance to get some early feedback from the instructor.

What to hand in:

This assignment has three parts, the first handed in by a creating a document and submitting it into the course “Dropbox”; the second part is taking the self-assessment survey (online); and the third part is completed by entering information in the course discussion group.


  1. First Problem: Write down an algorithm that can be used to leave a room. Assume a start from sitting in a chair, and end by being outside of the room. Assume the room has a door. Try to make the algorithm work from a variety of rooms. You may wish to test your algorithm with friends or family by seating them in a chair in a room, and reading the instructions one step at a time, to see whether your solution works.

  2. Take the Self-Assessment Survey on-line. You will be asked the following questions:

    1. What operating system will you use for the course (e.g., Windows, Unix)?

    2. What compiler will you use for this course (compiler and version)?

    3. What is the one thing you want most out of this course?

  3. Introduce yourself by posting to the Week 1 Discussion Group. You may wish to share your experiences with the first problem.

      Note that there are many acceptable compilers for this course. Please see the compilers document ( for details on each.
      Select the one you wish to use for the course, and prepare to use it in later exercises (i.e., download or purchase it, install it, and make sure you know how it runs).
      Call the instructor with any questions.


This assignment is due on the first class. If you do not do it, you will neither receive credit for it, nor be penalized for it. You will be graded entirely on the remaining assignments and exam.

Evaluation Criteria:


Reasonable algorithm


Posting an introduction to the discussion group

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