Welcome to the Siemens Research Lab at the University of Denver!

Our research interests lie in understanding transport of fundamental energy carriers in and near nanostructures. We use ultrafast lasers to make spectroscopic measurements of electron, hole, and phonon transport and interactions. We want to understand these processes in a variety of nanoscale systems, such as quantum-confined semiconductor systems and metal-on-insulator nanowires. These energy transfer processes are relevant to a number of important next-generation technologies such as:

  • controlling thermal transport in cells for effective cancer treatment;
  • improving the reliability and efficiency of solar energy conversion;
  • optimizing the cooling of nanostructures like the integrated circuits in computers; and
  • increasing the thermal isolation for more efficient thermoelectric energy conversion.

Siemens Research Lab, 2112 East Wesley Avenue, Denver, CO 80208 | 303-871-3541 | msiemens@du.edu
University of DenverDepartment of Physics and Astronomy