When the game or sim appears in the box above,
click once to get its attention.
Use the arrow-keys to move Carlos across the border into the US.
Avoid getting hit by the floating debris, you will have to start over.
Avoid getting caught by la migra, you will be sent back.
(sometimes la migra won't look, be quick)
Get to the green card on the other side to pursue the American dream.

If the sim does not appear,
please read the Stagecast Web Player™ help page.
To create your own Stagecast sims,
use Stagecast Creator.


a product of SWEAT
Rafael Alberto Fajardo

with help from

Francisco Ortega-Grimaldo
Ryan Benjamin Molloy
Miguel Angel Tarango
Marco Antonio Ortega
Tomás Marquez-Carmona
Carmen Escobar

Created with Stagecast Creator Version 2.0.1

Croser™ is a trademark of SWEAT, copyright © 2004 Rafael Fajardo
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