12. At the top of the stairs, we turn right into the dome room, where we get our first look at the 20 inch aperture Alvan Clark refractor housed in a George Saegmuller equatorial mounting. The camera lens does not allow all of the 28 foot tube length to be included in the frame, nor the 36 foot radius dome. The telescope is parked in its horizontal 'stow' position in this frame, and is approximately 12 feet above floor level.

MORE HISTORY: After Recht's death, care of Chamberlin Observatory was shared with the Denver Astronomical Society. The Society continued the tradition of public nights and took over the maintenance of the telescope. Francis Ohmer, who had assisted Dr. Recht, Henry Fiske, Bill Van Nattan, Andrew Gassman, Bob Spencer and Leo Carpenter led the volunteers who kept Chamberlin operating. The close ties between Chamberlin and the Denver Astronomical Society have continued until today.

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