Chamberlin Observatory:  
		The Second Century -- 
We honor our past and 
strive to create hope for the future, 
with every student that peers through 
the great telescope's eyepiece.   


During the past 5 years, the University of Denver/Astronomy program has been fortunate to receive the help of many interested persons in renovating and restoring DU's historic Chamberlin Observatory so that it can continue to serve the community well into the new century.

Special thanks to: 	DU DEPTS. PHYSICS AND MATH
and many, MANY more!!!

Landmark Deisgnations:

1980 National Historic Registry (thanks to DAS!)
1993 Denver City Landmark, 100 years after first light

Initial Renovations 1993-1996:

Balcony deck repair; lavatory repair
Main pier room interior tuckpointing
Major re-roofing and re-shingling of flat and sloped roofs
Library/transit room salvaging/rebuild
Application for major Colo Historic Society grant

Phase 1 CHS Grant Work completed 1997:

Foundation drainage and water intrusion abatement
Foundation exterior tuckpointing (below ground)
Replacement of basement floor slabs
Repair of basement ceilings and walls
Re-seam and re-paint observatory dome
Structural support additions for first floor
Change enclosure of basement stairs, north side

Phase 2 CHS Grant Work - begun 2006:

Budgeted items include:
Restore exterior windows (47 of them!), 0.21
Restore stone masonry: repoint, parapets, chimney, 0.20
General conditions/overheads, 0.17
Replace fire detection system, 0.16
Contingency, 0.09
Grant management, 0.08
Replace downspouts with long service copper, 0.04
Architectural fees, 0.03
Restore/replace 3 exterior doors, 0.02

Next steps:

Preservation Master Plan development and subsequent funding
this includes repairing walls, windows, redo of electrical, heating, plumbing, fixtures, cabinets and doors, etc. Program mater plan calls for improvements to support teaching, research and outreach missions of the University astronomy program.
Wednesday, March 08, 2006
From: Dr. Robert Stencel, Prof. Astronomy, Chamberlin Obs.
Subject: Specs for additional requested Chamberlin work, spring 2006, SHF grant money

Here are our requests for useful modifications to be made to electrical, mechanical and plumbing facets of DU's historical Cahmberlin Observatory, to enhance functionality as academic, outreach and research space in support of the Dept of Physics & Astronomy, NSM and the public. Mr. Reid and I are at the ready to clarify our requests and review drawings prior to implementation.

Assumptions: ALL exposed conduit will be redone flush into surfaces where possible; retain most existing receptacle locations except where noted. "Receptacle" means 2-plex 110vac plug-in unless otherwise spec'd.

Buried electrical, phone and future digital cable channel from street to basement. Ditto for run to Student observatory

BASEMENT: [#1] big letter signage for water, electrical, gas interior shutoffs Room:
1, main pier - [a] add signal from main sump to new fire detection system
2, boiler - no changes but heating system needs complete review for noise and inefficiencies
3, storage - no changes
4, coal bin: [a] entry wall receptacle and light switch [moved from boiler entry]
5. sink room: [a] add overhead light in east end
6. transit pier - [a] add receptacle inside door frame; [b] add signal from flood detector to new fire detection system; [c] move one overhead light from south to north half of room

1. North entry: expand receptacle from inside "phone" room to foyer or from light switch
2. Phone room: no changes
3. Dir. office: [a] upgrade floor receptacle; [b] add 2 receptacles 8 inches above cabinet top on east wall; [c] replacement, period lighting for ceiling?; [d] evaluate and upgrade receptacles on north, west, south walls; [e] spotlight for Chamberlin portrait on NW fireplacewall?
4. Classroom: retain at least 6 receptacles in outer perimeter in the larger expanses between windows; [b] add up to 6 on inner square perimeter
5. South entry, exterior: [a] upgrade receptacle on east wall at landing & replicate on west side
6. Transit room: [a] consider period lighting scheme analogous to Dir. Office
7. Restroom: [a] add receptacle next to light switch; [b] add hot/cold spigots under sink for filling buckets

1. Landing: [a] retain receptacle, perhaps on interior wall rather than under north window
2. Dome room: [a] receptacles 18 inch above floor between each pair of windows (4 total), retain existing receptacles on north wall; [b] add two receptacles under the computer table at the pier; [c] upgrade wiring to dome rotation motor (north wall) and add capacity for low power in-dome lighting & control circuits.
3. Observer room and west "chamber": [a] add receptacles next to existing light switches on west side of obs room and interior east side of chamber; [b] investigate open electrical box near obs room entry door, southeast face and refurb as needed.

1. North service porch: the UV-capable membrane roof and gutter-liner system installed circa 1995 with 20 year warranty appears to be doing a great job and should not be disturbed; protective mats might use anchoring. 2. Chimney capstone cave-in needs attention.
More to follow.
Please direct questions/comments to Prof.Stencel
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