Welcome to 21st Century Physics & Astronomy
NATS 1224, Winter Quarter, Jan.-Mar.2005

During this quarter, we will mainly consider:

the future of energy resources and use. 

Next quarter will dwell on life in the universe topics

Last quarter we considered the future of spaceflight.. 

 [schedule grid, below]


*Class meeting times:

[Lect. Sec.1, crn2570] Tu-Th 1pm-2:45pm @ BE209


Lab, either Monday noon* [sec.2, crn 1185] @ Phys B7,

or Monday 2pm* [sec.3, crn 1186] @Phys B7;


[Lect. Sec.4, crn 4246] Tu-Th 9am-10:45am @ BE209


Lab, either Friday noon* [sec.5, crn 4247] @ Phys B7,

or Friday 2pm* [sec.6, crn 4248] @ Phys B7


*plus OBSERVING: selected Sunday evenings
at DU's historic Chamberlin Obs.(2930 E. Warren Ave.)


Professor of Astronomy "Dr.Bob" Stencel
rstencel AT du.edu, 303-871-2135
, SpaceSciLab 409

Office hours: after class and by appointment
*Labs manager: Peter Hallam, phallam AT du.edu, 303-871-4346

Textbook: Hewitt, Conceptual Physics, 9th edition



Goals and objectives: Awareness of the scientific method and its many applications and implications.  The physics and technology of ENERGY will be examined as a template for understanding the issues your generation will soon be facing, while reinforcing numeracy and lab skills.  Hewitt chapters 11, 15-19, 22-25, 32-36 & more.


Guarantee: If you will put in at least one hour studying for each hour in class, you can master the subject!  Example: a 4 credit class ideally means 8 hours/week commitment to studying (reading, homework, obs., lab prep) in addition to the lectures.  This is why a full-time student with 15 credits should be spending 15 * 3 = 45 hours/week = full time!


Course homepages: begin at  www.du.edu/~rstencel

Textbook: “Conceptual Physics” by Paul Hewett, 9th edition &

          associated website, www.physicsplace.com (user-i.d. in book)

Major tasks include [deberes del estudiante]:
[1] Attendance at Lectures, Labs and Observing sessions,

[2] Lab sessions count for 1/4 of your course grade!
[3] Weekly activity/problem set (see schedule, below), and,
[4] On-line weblog and report [1/4 of total grade]

·       developed on your personal portfolio.du.edu

·       updated for on-line grading on selected Fridays

·       presented in class on dates indicated below.

[5] Grading policy link;           DU Honor Code is in effect.

http://www.du.edu/~rstencel/Courses/grading.htm … http://www.du.edu/honorcode/

 [6] As a courtesy, please turn off cell phones during class.  Thanks.



subject to change as events necessitate:  >>Check for updates at Blackboard

(conforme a cambio como acontecimientos haga necesario):            Version  Feb-12-2005




Lecture/Hewitt Chapter/Homework


Updates due sel. Fridays


Lab & Observing @ Chamberlin [link]


Tu Jan 4


Th Jan 6

Einstein’s 100th


11: Atomic Matter



Get ready:


[Link to topics]


??What’s a Blog?? [link]

Due next Tu.

Hewitt ch.11 problems # 2,4,6,8

On paper OR posted at Blackboard Digi-dropbox

LABS Fri 7h & Mon 10h:

#1: Calsky, level 2 & portfolio


NO observing scheduled for Sun Jan.9th [new moon]




Tu Jan 11



Th Jan 13

** Guest Lecture **

Population & Energy


32: Atoms/Quanta


A-L: Topic I.D. & rationale, posted 2 portfolio x

Fri. 1/14

Announced in class


NO LABS Fri 14th &

Mon 17th [MLK day]



SUN 16th @ 8pm & 9pm

[first quarter moon, Saturn]


Tu Jan 18


Th Jan 20



34: Fission/Fusion



A-L: 4 page report posted to portfolio x 1/21; M-Z topic ID & rationale posted portfolio x 1/21

Announced in class



LABS Fri 21st & Mon 24th

#2: Spectroscopy


YES*OBS for 2PM Labs

SUN.Jan.23rd @ 8pm & 9pm

[full moon, Saturn]


Tu Jan 25




Th Jan 27

Guest lecture & start Weblog1 oral reports [A-L]


 Weblog1 oral reports, A-L, cont.

M-Z: 4 page report due at portfolio x 1/28

Ch.15 exercises 2,4,6,8,10 due Feb.3

LABS Fri 28th & Mon 31st:

#3: Radioactivity


NO observing scheduled for SUN.Jan.31st [LQ moon]


Tu Feb 1




Th Feb 3

Weblog1 oral reports, A-L, cont.

15: Temperature

Weblog1 oral reports, M-Z



Ch.18 exercises 2,4,6,8,10

due Feb.10 

LABS Fri 4th & Mon 7th:

#4: Absolute Zero


NO observing scheduled for SUN. Feb.6th [new moon]



Tu Feb 8




Th Feb 10

Weblog1 oral reports, M-Z, cont.

18: Thermodynamics

Weblog1 oral reports, M-Z, cont.


BLOG TWO: [Link to topics]

All: Topic I.D. & rationale, posted portfolio x 2/18



Ch.22 exercises 2,4,6,8,10

due Feb.17

LABS Fri 11th & Mon 13th:

#5: Latent/specific heat



SUN Feb.13th @ 8pm & 9pm

[first quarter moon, Saturn]


Tu Feb 15


Th Feb 17

22: Electrostatics

      [guest lecturer]


23: Electric Current


 A-Z: 4 page report plus references posted to portfolio x 2/25


Ch.24 exer. 2,4,6,8,10  & Ch.25 exer. 2,4,6,8,10

due Feb.25

LABS Fri 18th & Mon 21st:

#6: Electrical Circuits


YES*OBS for 2PM Labs

SUN.Feb.20th @ 8pm & 9pm

[full moon, Saturn]


Tu Feb 22



Th Feb 24

24: Magnetism

& 25: E-M Induction


Guest speaker

 on cosmology

  A-Z: 4 page report plus references posted to portfolio x 2/25



LABS Fri 25th & Mon 28th:

#7: Electrical Energy & PVs


NO observing scheduled for SUN.Feb.27th [LQ moon]


Tu Mar 1



Th Mar 3

Begin Weblog2 oral reports


Continue Weblog2 oral reports




LABS Fri 4th & Mon 7th:

#8: Energy Self-sufficiency


YES*OBS for make-up/ex.cr.

SUN.Mar.6th @ 8pm & 9pm

[new moon, Saturn, Jupiter]



Tu Mar 8




Weblog2 oral reports

Last class & last day any late papers will be accepted.





NO LAB Fri 11th

NO OBS Sun 13th


Th Mar 10

Optional, replacement Quiz CANCELLED



Enjoy spring break!

[March13-19, 2005]

Notes: Schedule is subject to modification during quarter;  *TBA = To Be Announced -- See updates at Blackboard6.du.edu and course homepage at website: www.du.edu/~rstencel  

H=Hewitt, Paul: Conceptual Physics, 9th edition, 2002, Addison-Wesley, website:  www.aw.com/physicsplace