Article: Astronomy and Cosmology at Angkor Wat
Citation: 1976 Science magazine Vol. 193, pages 281-287 (July 23, 1976)
Authors: R.E.Stencel, F.Gifford, E.Moren

Synopsis: Architectural plans published by Nafilyan (1969) were examined to
assess possible astronomical alignments in context of written records of the
Khmer empire and specifically the reign of Suryavarman II (1113-1150AD) 
during which the complex was built.  Twenty-two possible alignments are
identified and their relationship to bas relief and Hindu time cycles examined.

1. The rising sun appears aligned on equinox and solstice days with the 
western entrance of Angkor Wat.
2. The movements of the moon can be observed from a variety of positions
within the temple, and lunar cycles may have been recorded in the three sets
of libraries.
3. The bas reliefs of the third gallery can be understood in relation to the
movements of the sun, which establish their counterclockwise direction.
4. The measurements of the temple appear proportional to calendric and
cosmological time cycles.

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