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Do you offer public access or "Public Night" star-party events?  Because of the extreme weather possible anytime atop Mt.Evans, we do not generally offer public events.  We do have a classic observatory in south-central Denver that does offer frequent public night programs - DU's historic Chamberlin Observatory

How bad was the damage from the high wind events of late 2011/early 2012?  See our disaster recovery blog for updates.  These events have placed the future of the facility in jeopardy.  

State Highway 5 to the summit of 14,268 ft Mt.Evans is normally open to the public all summer, 24-7, typically between Memorial Day and Labor Day. The rest of the year it is closed for repairs and/or for safety reasons, by the Colorado Dept. of Transportation.

Presently, Forest Service is collecting an access fee of about $10 per car to fund their public land management activities at Mt.Evans.

Echo Lake Lodge/RESTAURANT, at the base of the Mt.Evans road (~8am-5pm daily May-Oct) can advise about road conditions: 303-567-2138. A "street address" for or equivlent is: 13264 State Highway 103, Idaho Springs CO 80452: on the east end of Echo Lake park - well marked, obvious building. Note, the nearby DU Echo Lake/Echo Lab location 39d39'22"N, 105d35m35sW, elev. 10,710ft [GPS, JohnStarkey 11-4-02].

ACCESS to the University of Denver's Mt.Evans Meyer-Womble Observatory is limited but can be obtained in the following ways:

1.RESEARCH PROPOSAL submitted to the Observatory Director, via Denver University
Dept. of Physics & Astronomy
, Denver CO 80208 USA (Fax 303-871-4405).

2. Enrollment in suitable Denver University ASTRONOMY CLASSES. Note: a series of summer short courses may be offered June-Sept. Look for PHYS 2063 or 3995 (for credit, with tuition) at the SUMMER QUARTER links, and/or FALL INTERTERM classes
For most summers, classes are scheduled to run second-half of June and second-half of August.

3. VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES exist in conjunction with your membership in any astronomical society, or with organizations such as the International Dark Sky Association, AAVSO or the Astronomical League. Observing time can be awarded on a proposal basis, or in exchange for well-documented efforts in support of astronomy programs, and/or combating light pollution (wasteful lighting practises).

4. Small, pre-arranged group tours may be possible, at cost, during summer months. Interested persons are asked to write a description of their interests, number in the group and preferred and backup dates for proposed visit, along with an optional, tax-deductible donation by check (payable to UNIVERSITY OF DENVER), mailed to: Director, Mt.Evans Observatory, Dept. Physics and Astronomy, University of Denver, Denver CO 80208 USA. Please allow 2 weeks for response. Public access is possible only between June 1 and Aug. 31. Please note: this is a research facility. We receive ZERO tax dollars in direct support of our program and currently have no extra staffing to accomodate public-viewing nights. HOWEVER:

> Denver University offers REGULAR PUBLIC-ACCESS TELESCOPE VIEWING at our Chamberlin Observatory in Denver, near the DU campus (2930 E. Warren Ave., Observatory Park). Call 303-871-5172 for current schedules.
For daytime astronomy, visit the wonderful Gates Planetarium at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.