An observatory project of this magnitude does not happen without the 
support of many.  Its roots trace back to the founders of the 
University of Denver, particularly Governor John Evans (who also 
founded Northwestern University).  His vision enabled astronomer 
Herbert Howe to be hired in 1880, resulting in Humphrey 
Chamberlin's investment in the construction of a campus 
observatory housing a 20 inch Clark refractor in 1890.  We 
estimate that more than a quarter million Denver students, 
residents and visitors have viewed with the refractor since, 
including William Herschel Womble - DU alumnus of the 1930s who 
left a bequest to the university to support its astronomy program 
and "to build and equip a mountain-top observatory to promote 
educational research in astrophysics and astronomy, in the memory 
of his mother, Cora Taylor Womble Fowler."   Mr. Womble's vision 
has been realized, particularly with the provision of the Meyer 
Binocular Telescope from the Meyer Foundation and "far-sighted" 
Eric T. Meyer, its designer.

Principals in the construction have been highlighted previously, 
but many persons have contributed since, in larger and smaller 
ways, in adding to the observatory project successes.  
Special thanks also is deserved by: 
Don Asquin, Joseph Burdick, Chris Cudlip, Barb Day and the crew at Echo Lake Lodge, Dimitri Klebe, Matti Jalakas, Marc Jones, Peter McNutt, Jeanie Meyer, Barbara Meyer, Dan Neafus, Richard Olson, Therese Ostrowski, Mike Read, Andrew Rosenthal, Mike Richards & the CDOT heroes, John Starkey, Steve Steele, Susan and Claire Stencel, Tom Stephen, Andy Sulkko, Ken Thames, Dave Trott, John Williams, Corey Wong, AND MANY OTHERS, including members of Front Range Astronomical Super-Cluster/MARS region clubs.

Personally, I also want to acknowledge my astronomical mentor, 
Edward Halbach, prodigious observer for the AAVSO and co-founder 
of the Astronomical League.  His leadership locally and nationally 
enabled this astronomer to follow the stars since youth.   His 
charge that the League should "promote the observing programs" is 
a guiding principle that should be foremost in consideration by 
all astronomers.

It is a pleasure to cite the professional assistance of the 
following, without whom the observatory project would be much less 
successful.   Tom Melscheimer of Merlin Controls (Berthoud, Colo), 
designed and integrated the mechanical to computer interfaces that 
permit full telescope and dome control.  Steve, Tom, Matt and Dan 
Bisque of Software Bisque (Golden, Colo) have provided Sky Level V 
software with T-point correction algorithms that facilitates ready 
access to millions of celestial objects.  Bill Collins of Collins 
Electro-Optics (Denver) provided an I3Piece which has proven 
essential for efficient observing with  tiny field of view 
afforded by the 15,000 mm focal length of the Meyer Binocular 
Telescope.  Kathy Havens of S&S Optica (Denver) and Jim Burr (JMI
Industries) have been invaluable in finding unique and custom optical 
items that make best use of the current optical focal plane assemblies.
	Tom Melscheimer:
	Software Bisque:
	Bill Collins:
	S&S Optika: 303-789-1089
	JMI Industries: 800-247-0304

Renewable Energy Trust / NREL/ Burdick Technologies / Thames Electric
Florida International University
Univ. Wyoming, Colorado, Minnesota
Univ. Alaska Geophysical Institute
NOAA Geodetic Lab (9.79008 meters per second squared)
& others.

I am grateful for financial assistance for capital items and 
generous student support from the Hess family, the Marlar 
Foundation and the Convergent Group.  Finally, I want to cite 
longtime AAVSO observer and Denver resident, 
Ronald Ham.  Following his recent death, Mrs. Ham made available 
to DU his 8 and 10 inch telescopes and extensive collection of 
original AAVSO charts.  Acquisition of these materials has enabled 
an expansion of variable star studies via promotion with amateurs 
in this mountain region that might not have otherwise occurred.   
Hence, I salute Ron's observing career and am pleased to think 
that his work continues, and will hopefully attract new astronomy 

Summer 1999
Denver, Colorado
We also thank the following special people: Robert Armon, Ed Flaspoehler, Marion Gottesfeld, Jim Greathead, Kathy and Time Havens, Mike Monahan, Janet and Jim Parnell, and many, many more! Thanks to all of you, we're observing!

And special thanks to our Astronomical League volunteer/guest observers.
and more!