Situation report Jan.12 Bill expected to be officially introduced Jan.15th & assigned committee
Source for contact info:

REPRESENTATIVE	District	Contacted by	Status
	303-866- & email
Romanoff x2967 	D-Denver	R.Stencel	1/5 sponsorship
Borodkin*x2910	D-Denver
Coleman* x2966	D-Den/Jeff
Hefley		R-El Paso	E.Beshore	1/5 will contact

Larson*V.Chr.	R-Durango	1/11 AGREES TO COSPONSOR!!!
Mace*	 x2954	D-Denver	1/12 SUPPORTING
Madden		D-Boulder	A.Sully		1/5 motivated to contact
Plant    x2938	D-Boulder	R.Mellon	1/3 has discussed, favorable
Ragsdale*x2843	D-Adams		1/12 SUPPORTING
Sinclair*x2965	R-ElPaso	1/12 SUPPORTING
Smith*   x3068	R-GrdJct	C.Godel		1/3 will contact	
Stafford*x2944	R-Arap/Jeff
Swenson*Chr.	R-Longmont	R.Noble		1/2 will contact
Webster		R-Weld		P.Mills		1/4 will contact
S.Williams*2919	D-Arap		1/12 SUPPORTING
Witwer*	 x2957	R-Lakewood	R.Spaulding	1/4 will contact	1/12	SUPPORTING

(* Transp/Energy committee members)
SENATOR	303-866-District	Contact by	Status
Matsunaka x4853	Loveland 	T.Melscheimer	1/4 voicemails so far
Cairns	x4866	Aurora		J.Sherlin	1/5 setting up meeting
Gordon	x4875	D-Denver	A.Romanoff	1/5 supportive
Lamborn	x4835	R-ElPaso	E.Beshore	1/5 will contact
Owen	x2886	R-Weld		P.Mills		1/4 will contact
Pascoe	x4852	D-Denver	A.Romanoff	1/5 supportive
Teck	x3077	R-GrdJct	C.Godel		1/3 will contact		
Tupa  		D-Boulder	A.Sully		1/5 motivated to contact

Colorado Advocates for Smarter Lighting (CASL) 
17002 E. Prentice Dr., Centennial, CO 80015-2415
Update from Andrew: Jan12/01
Thanks, Bob.  Here's some more good news -- I just signed on Sinclair and
Witwer (Republicans) as well as Mace, Ragsdale, and Williams (Dems) -- that
makes every member of the Transportation Committee member except Smith and
Swenson, on whom I am still working.  Still need help on the Senate side.
(I'm assuming, of course, that this goes to Transportation and Energy -- it
could go somewhere else!)