Welcome to Intro Astronomy course notes!

We offer a trio of introductory level courses, one per quarter, currently taught by Mr. Ron Mickle.

PHYS 0050 Introductory Astronomy - a general survey course (1 quarter, 4 credits)

PHYS 0070 Solar System Astronomy - a survey of the sun and planets (1 quarter, 4 credits)

PHYS 0090 Modern Cosmology - a survey of galaxies and the structure of the universe (1 quarter, 4 credits)

These are typically evening classes, 7-9pm M&W, meeting at our historic Chamberlin Observatory,
featuring the 28 ft length, 20 inch aperture Clark telescope pictured below.
Contact the DU Registrar at (303) 871-2284 for current schedule, or, email Prof. Stencel.
Note, Mt.Evans observing short courses are offered during summer. Check the summer listings via the Registrar website.
More detail about these classes

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