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*Phys 2061: Telescopes and Instruments

Notes for 2017 Autumn:

NOTE 2: Software sets include a download from Stellarium.com, webpage Calsky.com (create your account), plus office/open office/mac word/spreadsheet/presentation software.  Also useful:  http://www.minorplanetcenter.net/iau/MPEph/MPEph.html,http://aerith.net/comet/weekly/current.html 

NOTE 3: Observing modules [choose two]: planetary satellites; asteroid light curves; variable stars; comet tracking; supernova search; light pollution assessment; astrometry; orbit determination; calibration tasks; data reduction/archiving; astro-biz, others.

Projects: Observatory design, orbits, remote observing, etc.

Report format: Theory; Observing plan; Logbook; Analysis; Results & Future

SAL = Student Astronomy Lab, room 422 & 4th floor patio & roof Space Sci Lab [Phys&Astron, "PandA"]

Chamb or Chmbrln = DUs historic Chamberlin Observatory, 2930 E. Warren Ave.

Notes on Tzec Maun internet telescope usage (see canvas.du.edu for details):

Sign-Up Link = http://portal.tzecmaun.org/student/signup.php  
then select University of Denver and use this password to access the sign-up page: pioneer 

Note helpful webtools to get you started:
Video Tutorials
-- get familiar with telescope use here: 

Telescope Portal
--When you are ready to image, go to the Telescope Portal:

There are subtleties like the top-of-each-hour reset & delay in getting your results...

 A tour can be provided on selected  mornings.


**Phys 2062: Astronomy with Digital Cameras
***Phys 2063: Observing Intensive [Mt.Evans, summer]

Student Astronomy Lab. . . . . . Mt.Evans Observatory
Access to internet telescopes
Next scheduled/planned offerings: [winter/spring quarters & summers] 2 quarter seq. and summer short courses at Mt.Evans Obs..

Goals of this course include developing facility and experience with telescopes, computers, methods, catalogs, libraries, instruments (CCD cameras in particular) and assorted contents of the universe; use of the *NEW* Student Astronomy Lab telescope for variable star monitoring, plus use of the 20 inch Alvan Clark refractor for measurments, observing and public instruction. Lots of reading, a series of homework based on problem sets in the textbook, observing projects. This course prepares students for summer research projects at all Student and Mt.Evans Observatories. More details to follow soon... Classes and Indep Study avail. in summer term (@Mt.Evans).
Contact Prof. Stencel with questions.
Visit the DU Observatories: Chamberlin and Mt.Evans.
Roboscope images:

Astronomy project Expectations

Do you need astronomy info? Try This!
Contact Prof. Stencel
Keywords: telescopes, astronomy, astrophysics, CCD, observatory, spectroscopy, polarimetry, interferometry, optical, infrared...