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Sorry, Student Telescope Network was discontinued after grant funds expired...
Phase 4 observing has begun and STN WAS back on-line, in partnership with the Tzec Maun Foundation, New Mexico Skies Observatory and a Google patron. During earlier phases, we collected over 6,000 images and would be happy to send you copies of images with your object of interest. Email with object name(s) or account request [high school students only].


If you have not already done so, the first thing to do is request a new user account at the TzecMaun2/STN4 homepage:
TMO/STN login address

This is the top level access page. Click Create New Account to Register, using entry page passcode Pioneer. THEN register yourself and remember your username and password. Then, on revisits, just click the link at that page to log-in.

Go to .
Scheduling page!

PLEASE NOTE: unless you are scheduled for the specific hours, you might not be able to login.

Helpful info pages: HOW-TO USE IT
and/or visit the GALLERY of images
and/or review additional details.

BE KIND to the New Mexico Skies operator! If you are not going to use your scheduled and assigned time, you can use the TECH SUPPORT, LIVE HELP link at the homepage.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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