Draft talking points for Colo House Bill 01-0618 "Standards for Certain
Outdoor Lighting Fixtures"

What is this bill about?
This bill specifies that state-funded lighting begin to utilize fixtures 
that direct the light more efficiently, but using "horizontal cutoff"
shielding of lamps, with appropriate exceptions for special situations.

What problems are solved with this bill?
Doing so addresses the following concerns and problems:
1. energy consumption -- properly directed lighting can save up to 50% in
the cost of operation;
2. glare reduction -- badly aimed lighting can cause temporary blinding, 
especially in the older population;
3. improved safety and security -- poorly aimed light actually can produce 
unsafe conditions such as glare, deep shadows, etc.  whereas improved lighting
methods can provide superior light at lower cost in the long run;
4. light trespass -- unshielded lighting spills across property boundaries
and can present an unwelcome intrusion if levels are high;
5. enjoyment of the night sky -- poorly aimed, unshielded lights contribute
to "light pollution" that degrades our view of the sky; light pollution 
provides zero benefit at significant social and tourism costs;
6. establish requirements --an increasing number of Colorado cities and counties
are beginning to write law addressing these issues, and will look to the State
in the long run for resolution and guidance.

Why is this bill necessary and deserves your support?
1. Make better use of tax dollars that pay for lighting use by state-funded
2. Incrementally improve safety and security;
3. Reduce light trespass and sky pollution;
4. Establish requirements.

Who can I contact for further information?
Bill sponsor: Rep. Andrew Romanoff, andrew@andrewromanoff.com

Colorado Advocates for Smarter Lighting
17002 E. Prentice Dr.
Centennial, CO 80015-2412

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