Notes on California Assembly General Election Returns, 1898-2000

Size: 161K

Format: Tab-delimited text

Date created: July 29, 2001

This data set was compiled by Seth Masket between 2000 and 2001 using information from the California Blue Book, the California Assembly Roster, and general election returns published by the California Secretary of State.

Each election year is expressed by three columns: the Democratic votes in that Assembly district ("D"), the Republican votes ("R"), and the sum of all other party votes ("O"), including scattering.  A zero for either of the two major parties indicates that the other major party candidate has cross-filed successfully.  If the space for one of the two major parties is blank, that indicates that the party simply failed to field a candidate, but cross-filing did not occur.  If both major party spaces are blank, then a third party candidate has cross-filed successfully in both major party primaries.

Due to the unreadability of archival material, the results for the 40th district in 1904 have been rounded at the tens column.

Please contact me if you have any questions about these data.