I joined the faculty at University of Denver in 1989 after earning my PhD in Pharmacology and teaching for the Physican Assistant program at Univ of Colorado School of Medicine for six years.

At University of Denver, I am the resident physiologist. And topics in physiology and nutrition are my primary areas of teaching.

My teaching complements my research interest. Research projects in my lab focus on the biochemical signals for cell division in amphibian oocytes. In other words, how hormones signal cells to divide.

image teaching award

I enjoy country living with horses that demand daily care and attention and dogs who are always glad to greet us when we return home.

Living in Watkins (10 miles east of Aurora, CO) offers a therapeutic get away every time we drive home.

The last four miles were dirt road until chipped asphalt paving was laid down in the summer of 2011.

On the way to Denver, as soon as we drive over the rise, we can see the mountain range all the way from Pike's Peak (west of Colorado Springs) to the Flat Irons (west of Boulder). Pikes Peak, Longs Peak, Mount Evans.

We don't have many trees, but we see a lot of beautiful sky. Many days, we enjoy unbelievably beautiful panoramas of clouds, blue sky or rainbows. Sunrise is sometimes more spectacular than sunset.

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Susan and Jake on ATV

A few times, we have even been lucky enough to see the sandhill cranes flying south on their annual migration. Their distinctive chatter can be heard before your eyes can find them in the sky. They fly in wave after wave of v-shaped formations.

Box Elder Creek runs through a cottonwood grove on the back of our 20-acre property. We leave the back acreage as our own private wildlife refuge.

Periodically, a herd of mule deer wander through. On occasion, we have counted as many as 20 on winter mornings.

Last summer, a large heron spent some time in the deeper creek area, too.


horses in pasture

Our equine adventure was one reason for moving to the country. Life is never dull -- with all the fence-mending, mucking, hay hauling and other chores that come with the territory. Even chasing the neighbor's cattle out of the back pasture can be fun!

horsestractor mowing

“Be courageous and study something that you really love. Take time to know yourself. Discover your passions. Follow your dreams. Be bold enough to sometimes ignore the demands and materialism of "career" and dedicate your time and energy to really living and enjoying life to its fullest. This is the real thing. It is not a dress rehearsal.”