The Cut-Up and William S. Burroughs
* "Origin and Theory of the Tape Cut-Ups" (1976): from a talk at the Naropa Institute, Boulder, CO

* "Recalling All Active Agents" (1960): tape cut-up by painter/writer/inventor, Brion Gyson, BBC Studios

* "Present Time Exercise" (1971): cassette work using radio, television, multiple cassette recorders

* "Towers Open Fire" (1963): cut-up film by Anthony Balch

* "The Cut-Ups" (1966): cut-up film by Anthony Balch

* Dangerous Minds article on the Anthony Balch and William S. Burroughs films

Strictly Kev, "Raiding the 20th Century: A History of the Cut-Up" (2004)
DJ Food, "Raiding the 20th Century: Words & Music Expansion" (2005)
(download DJ Food mix via the Ubuweb link)

* Cut'n'Mix: