E. Eric Boschmann (Ph.D., Ohio State University, 2008), is an Associate Professor in the Department of Geography and the Environment, at the University of Denver.

Research Interests

Potential Graduate Students: I am specifically interested in graduate students who wish to focus their research work in the following topical areas: aging and mobility (older adults), job/employment accessibility, or travel behaviors in sustainable mobility.  Please feel free to contact me in advance of graduate application deadlines.

Courses Taught

                              "Global perspectives on urban social justice and comparative urbanism" (Spring 2013; Syllabus)

                       "Exploring the intersections of cities and urbanization, global climate change, and social inequalities" (Spring 2015)

                        Interterm: Urban Geographies of New York City (Syllabus)






Contact Information:

        University of Denver

        Department of Geography and the Environment

        2050 E. Iliff Ave.

        Denver, CO 80208-0710                 

        tel. 3 zero 3.871.4387

        e-mail. eric.boschmann (at) du.edu






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National Western Stock Show  opening Parade, downtown Denver. (Photo: E. Eric Boschmann)