The Blankenship Lab

at the University of Denver


2101 E Wesley Ave Rm 301

Department of Biological Sciences

University of Denver

Denver, CO  80208

Lab news (Twitter: @blankenship_lab):

Awesome news -- many thanks to NIGMS for the new R01! (12-11-21)

Very cool — our new paper on PIP3 guidance of Sbf-driven cell ratcheting is out in Developmental Cell! (9-15-21)

A warm welcome to our newest PhD student Vincent Brown! (9-1-21)

Yi’s paper on Arp2/3 regulators is out in eLife — congrats to the lab and Yi! (5-4-21)

Welcome to new PhD student Rashmi Budhathoki — coming to us all the way from Nepal! (9-15-20)

Our review on actomyosin function in epithelial morphogenesis is out in Development! (9-3-20)

Another celebration — congrats to Megan Millage on defending her thesis! (8-7-20)

Congrats to Dr. Yi Xie on earning his PhD!! (7-16-20)

Yi’s work examining the function of 7 different ANRPs (actin regulators) is up on BioRxiv (7-14-20)

Our new review on the Biophysics of Cell Intercalation is out in SCBT! (11-26-19)

Big congrats to Hui on her new paper in JCB on force balancing during apical constriction! (8-15-19)

Welcome to Katherine Rollins, a new graduate student in the lab! (4-1-19)

Congrats to Tim Vanderleest on earning his PhD! So happy for him — he’s been the lead on most of our computational work. (2-18-19)

Welcome to our new technician, Darby Bosco (12-17-18)

Great news — thanks to NIH and NIGMS for the new R01! (9-20-18)

Congratulations to Tim and Celia on their paper describing Vertex Sliding, a new form of cell shape change and movement in epithelia — out in eLife! (7-11-18)

Our review on membrane trafficking, planar polarity and morphogenesis is out in Traffic (5-21-18)

A good run of news continues... Congratulations to Yi on his paper on the formation of differentially-sized cleavage furrows and the MBT being accepted in PLoS Genetics! (11-1-17)

Thanks to NIH and NIGMS for the new R15 (9-11-17)

Congratulations to Cayla and the lab for the new paper on membrane ratcheting in Nature Communications! (9-4-17)

Hello! Greetings to new MCBP Biophysics rotation students (8-28-17)