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Edith W. King


      Professor of Sociology of Education,
    Morgridge College of Education
    University of Denver

      Contact Information:; 303-871-2487


Recent Publication:


Sociology for Educators in the Post-9/11 World, Thomson Publishers, 2008

ISBN: 1426637152





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Table of Contents


Excerpt from the Book (Pages 1-11, covering purpose and organization of chapters)


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Recent Publication:


Meeting the Challenges of Teaching in an Era of Terrorism, Thomson Publishers, 2006

ISBN: 0-759-38894-6





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Table of Contents


Excerpt from the Book (Pages 1-8, covering purpose and organization of chapters)


Reviews of the Book


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Article about Edith King

Review in Rethinking Schools


Edith King's Past Publications


Social Thought Into the 21st Century.  6th edition of (20th Century Social Thought) dedicated to R. P. Cuzzort  (posthumously)  Wadsworth/ Thomson, 2002.

Looking Into the Lives of Children -- A Worldwide View.  James Nicholas Publishers, Melbourne, Australia. , 1999.

Educating Young Children in a Diverse Society  with M. Chipman and Marta Cruz-Janzen.  Allyn and Bacon, 1994; and Instructor's Manual, 1994.       

Teaching Ethnic and Gender Awareness:  Methods and Materials for the Elementary School: Kendall/Hunt Publ.  Dubuque Iowa, 1990.

Twentieth Century Social Thought with R. P. Cuzzort, (4th edition) Holt, Rinehart and Winston.  1989; Chinese translation – 1994 ;  5th edition- Harcourt, Brace Publisher, 1995.

Administering Early Childhood Education Programs with J. Stevens Jr. Little, Brown.  1976; Spanish Translation - 1987.

Humanity and Modern Social Thought.(2nd ed. with R. P. Cuzzort.)  Dryden Press, 1976.

Educating Young Children -- Sociological Interpretations.   W.C. Brown, 1973.

The World: Context for Teaching in the Elementary School.   W. C. Brown, 1971.

Sociology of Early Childhood Education. American Book Co., 1968; Danish translation - 1972.


Using the Arts as an Educational Model for High-Risk Individuals, (editor) with Sharon La Pierre, Univ. of Denver, Schl of Art. 1990; ERIC Doc. No. 329 495, 1991.

A Case Study of Kuwaiti Girls' Secondary Schools before the Iraqi Invasion of August, 1990,  with Muna Al Musalam.  Research Report. ERIC Doc. No. 348 291, 1993.


Kuwait:  Its Schools and Families Before the Iraqi Invasion,1990
30 minute video cassette produced by Cameo Video, Denver, CO. 1990.

Other Selected Publications:

"Ethnicity" for the ENCYCLOPEDIA:  Education and Sociology ; Taylor and Francis Publishing Co. London & New York,N.Y. edited by D. Levinson, A. Sadovik and P. Cookson.  2000.

“A Crosscultural View of Equity Issues in Early Childhood Education." Education Annuals '98-99/ Multicultural Education Annuals 98-99, Dushkin/McGraw Hill.

 “Terrorism and Teaching.”  Multicultural Teaching, Spring, 2003.

 “Terrorism and Teaching: Two Years Later,” Race Equality Teaching, Spring 2004.

 “Textbooks and Support Books for Teaching The Sociology of Education” in Teaching the Sociology of Education, edited by J. Ballantine.  Amer. Soc. Assoc. 2004.

“Are Educators in the United States Confronting Islamophobia” Race Equality TeachingVol.23, No. 2 Spring, 2005, pp. 39 – 41 & 45.

 Marta Cruz-Janzen, Edith King, and Francis Wardle.  “The Challenge of Declaring An Interethnic and Interracial Identity in Postmodern Societies.”  Annual Editions: Multicultural Education 05/06.  pp. 110-117.


Morgridge College of Education: Ammi Hyde Bldg., Room 208, Denver, CO 80208
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