The Epsilon Aurigae Eclipse Campaign Registrants

Recent additions:

Dr. Serdar Evren of Maharashtra India writes he is using a Vilnius photometer with UBVR Johnson filters on a 48 cm Cassegrain telescope.

Dr. Lothar Schanne of Germany continues to do spectroscopy work. He is also looking for photometric help for two other stars, P Cyg and WE 140. If you are interested, please contact him directly at "Dr. Lothar Schanne" l.schanne at

07 December 2007 Dr.Mukund Kurtadika of Maharashtra India write that he is using an SSP-3 to do BVRI photometry of epsilon Aurigae. He is having trouble with star drift, but once that is solved the data should be very good.

31 December 2007 Hans-Göran Lindberg of Germany wrote: "I have a Starlight Express HX-516 B/W Camera(PIXEL 7.4*7.4)ccd 4.9*3.6mm and I planing to add a 50 mm camera lens to it which will give me around 5 deg. view around the star."

4 January 2008 Brian McCandless at the University of Delaware has offered to follow epsilon Aurigae in the JH infrared bands using his SS-4 and 14" Celestron.

AKE, Tom, Dept. Physics & Astronomy, Johns Hopkins University,
   ake at 
BACKMAN, Dana, SOFIA E/PO, NASA Ames Research Center,
   dbackman at 
CLEMENS, Dan, Dept. Astronomy, Boston University, 
   clemens_dp at
GUINAN, Ed, Dept. Astronomy, Villanova University,
   edward.guinan at 
HOPKINS, Jeff, Hopkins Phoenix Observatory, phxjeff at 
LUCAS, Gene, Fountain Hills, AZ,
MAIS, Dale, Palomar Community College, dmais at
SCHANNE, Lothar, schanne at 
STENCEL, Robert,  Dept. Astronomy & Physics, University of Denver,
   rstencel at
more to follow...

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