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The Student Telescope Network (STN) is a collaborative project to enable high school students interested in astronomical observing, to access a telescope with digital camera in a remote dark location via the internet, and to pursue basic observational research.

There is an amazing variety of stuff out there in the universe, most of which defies human understanding! To go looking around with the internet telescope, you first need to have an idea of what's there to be seen, and what tools you are using to see them.

GET ACQUAINTED WITH THE UNIVERSE: You need to learn about telescopes, coordinates, stars, nebulae, galaxies, planets, asteroids and comets -------> Want to use this telescope?

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STN is made possible by the cooperation of:

New Mexico Skies

Software Bisque

University of Denver Astronomy Program,

and the

The Youth Activities Committee of the Astronomical League.

We happily acknowledge sponsorship by the
Toyota Foundation's Institute for Connecting Science Research to the Classroom.

By entering the galaxy image link above (Enter here!), you can follow the steps to getting access to STN01. The process includes tutorials called "Getting Acquainted with the Universe" that explain what's out there and how the telescope works; then getting certified to use the internet telescope, and finally, scheduling time on the internet telescope. We also recommend some observing projects. Accomplished users can be eligible for awards

In the meantime, you can do a trial run via:


Inquiries may be directed to: Dr.Bob.

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