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Academic Life

Very few get the privilege to teach at higher learning institutions. I am one of those lucky people. Academic life is invigorating with constant inquiry, quest for knowledge, and learning. As a faculty, I enjoy the liberty to design and deliver courses in a manner that foster rich learning experience for students. There is no better sastisfaction other than seeing young minds flourish and grow with knowledge. It is a daily occurrence to see students get excited about the skills and knowledge they acquire. As much as situations permit, I strive to connect classroom discussions with real-world applications. Together with my colleagues in the program and at the college, and the university at large, we prepare graduates who will be trailblazers and future leaders in the field of library and information science.

The University of Denver is a beautiful campus with a vision to be "a great private university dedicated to the public good." I took the picture of the flower above one spring morning while heading to the Coors fitness center. I chose this image to welcome you, my site visitors, and at the same time show you a glimpse of the beautiful campus.


Current Pojects

  • Understanding the domain of STEM education using information science methods - primarily bibliometric and co-word analysis with a view to gain insight for curricular development, policy and standard development, and professional development needs.
  • Information seeking behavior of the poor – using school choice as a problematic situation, this project seeks to understand the information seeking behavior of parents in disadvantaged neighborhoods.
  • Measuring value and impact of health sciences libraries – this research employs Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) to measure performance and efficiency of health science libraries that have similar attributes (or are considered peer institutions) with CU Anschutz Health Sciences Library.
  • Africa and the global knowledge production – this project aims to build a “content network framework,” one that improves the scientific and technological capabilities of research and educational institutions in Africa. By focusing on the inputs required in knowledge production, the goal is to bridge the content divide that Africa is gravely suffering from.